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Thursday, April 5, 2012  A GLOBAL LEADER!

SOCIAL NETWORK Design Management & Promotion

Mission Statement: Positioning Brands for helpful search engine visibility

Aggressive search engine visibility by creating, modifying managing uploading and promoting multiple client imprints via Video, & exploiting Keywords (Tags), Titles, & Descriptions, to encourage ranking; SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Paramount visibility | Entire logo or image with clickable link to web site & map - not just sentences | Visible on Targeted Geo + Industry specific search engine results | Multiple Search Phrases | Multiple copies of your image reappearing | Eye catching | Takes up more room on screens | Separates clients from their competition - drawing attention to you and away from competitors | Lasts forever |

A transferable business asset - as content is not disposable like traditional advertising
We build a permanent infrastructure | The only company whose entire business model focuses on this strategy | Mass Marketing |  Branding 101!

Campaign Strategy      
Organic Google Page #1 Ranking Initiative. Make imperative & paramount, our specialty strategy, which is to implement the use of multiple BRANDED VIDEOs as the primary SEO mechanism. Assure the desired URLs are visible and clickable, in the video descriptions.

Search Engines... analyze video and acknowledge 3 types of content - TAGS, TITLES, & DESCRIPTIONS. We further enhance and empower the SEO efforts by embedding a clickable client link into the videos, and place the desired client URL links in the descriptions, allowing instant access to client targeted URLs (BUY PAGE, WEB PAGE...).   

We examine your targets, business objectives, and suggest a strategy to promote monetization via unique, cutting edge SEO efforts! We upload multiple versions of Branded Videos & applyINDUSTRY, GEO SPECIFIC, & GLOBAL SPECIFIC TAGS(KEYWORDS), DESCRIPTIONS, AND TITLES. This allows for a massive Brand infrastructure, via the creation of many imprints - impressions of your BRAND, and allows for easy assessment of video analytics and specific targets...
We build online Web - Internet campaigns for all Businesses, Endeavors, Missions, Causes... that leverage Social Network & SEO technology & engage many international video channels to promote your Brand, enroll customers, and encourage monetization.
Organic (SEO) Search Engine Optimization                    
via REAL TIME NEWS UPDATES (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs...), improves positioning within search engine results for targeted Keyword - Tag phrases.
"Our specialty strategy is using multiple VIDEOs  as a primary & complimentary SEO mechanism."
Read This... 
iPhone have tiny screens. iPads have somewhat larger screens. What are the options as to search engine results visibility, if statistics show that viewers rarely scroll down, nor visit page 2, and your competitors are buying first page adds? What is your best or only option? 
Important & Informative...
America promotes free enterprise and capitalism, not multi national corporations and monopolies. Remember what happened to BELL TELL? 

Lessor known video channels are analogous to the infancy stage of the many current known cell phone companies, which did not exist prior to the breakup of BELL TELL... They received their start up money prior to the tech crash of 1999, and are a hugely useful and overlooked mechanism to promote SEO.

These Video portals rank very well on search engines. Google is today, the primary search engine. Yahoo and Bing have entered their territory. Google wants the other search engines to be useful and successful. We use this fact as essential to the service we @ SocialNetPromo wish to provide to you.

Many other unknown search engines exist, and are also very useful to your Brand's SEO efforts. The lesser known search engines view and rank the lessor known video channels. Google Yahoo and Bing view that activity, boosting visibility of your Brand. This is only accomplished by laying the video infrastructure - again, a hugely time consuming task. That is the core of what we do here at SocialNetPromo!

It's time to switch  SEO - Social Network consultants. 
Contact us now: 805-796-9863

Philosophy: No Buying First Page Visibility We believe that SEO consultants, who have taken client money and have not insisted on implementing our strategy, have simply not had their clients best interests as paramount. There is only so much room on the first page of a search engine result (just like a magazine).
Paid Adds & Subsequent Search Results
Not recommended! Especially without concurrently establishing the SocialNetPromo proposed video based infrastructure. Paid adds on the right side of a pg. are not even visible on an iPhone. Viewers avoid those adds, and know they are purchased. Also, paid listings are temporary. If your targeted client is not searching for you during the time frame in which you buy, then you wasted your money. What does the so called SEO expert advise next? Try again? What have they sold you? How does it serve your Branding efforts in the long run?

"It's time to switch SEO - Social Network - Media Consultants (805) -796-9863

Embrace & champion our philosophy. 
Why has your current consultant not advised you of our strategy? Why would you now have them enter an arena, which they have not been focusing upon? We are the most experienced professionals in this area, and have accrued huge amounts of time becoming the experts as to our strategy.

We are thee most highly skilled and experienced company in this specialized arena. Our proven results substantiate our strategy and theories. Related URLs are available upon request.

Secure our services
We aspire to help your business. Read, learn & embrace our philosophy! We also provide our client's with ongoing consistent personal care and attention. We let you know what is going on, and encourage your participation.
"I CAN GET MY TECH GUY TO DO THAT, DO IT MYSELF, HAVE MY OFFICE MANAGER, MY WIFE, OR MY KIDS DO IT, OR GET SOME INTERN TO DO IT, FARM IT OUT TO INDIA..." Good luck with all of that (LOL!). This is a hugely time consuming task. You cannot do everything yourself, nor cut corners on this imperative mechanism to build a lasting visible infrastructure for your business Brand. When we inherit what they left behind, you wind up paying more in the long run, as they never mange your content effectively, and you wind up paying way more for clean up. And what a mess they create.

We started our business because we spent hoards of time doing this ourselves for our personal projects, which have been very successful. We acquired significant skills along the way, and unique cutting edge innovative & effective strategies, only achieved by logging long painful hours, monitoring the bowels of videos, and search engine results, and participant - visitor activity. We have learned of the mistakes, oversights, errors & omissions of thousands of Business Brands, and what they forgot to do. We are now the high end experts!

We want you to be very successful! We are invested in the future and sustainability of your business, endeavor, cause or mission.

Think of our service as promoting your BRAND, Logo, Business Card & Web URL, to everyone in the universe. Permanently & Forever!

Don't really click this button, as nothing will happen! It's just a cute gimmick! LOL!
Viral/Social/Mobile Media
Viral is the ability to reach unprecedented numbers of consumers online and is a viable option to spread a message. We have the expertise to create viral applications, videos,  animations & stills, coupled with the ability to seed the viral message & track it. It is costly. To be fair, and to further gain your trust, ... There is simply nothing interesting enough as to a common business, worth promoting a viral campaign, unless it is so clearly innovative and different. 
Viral really only applies to a music phenomenon such as  Jake Shimabukuro, an animal or baby trick, or some wild event in the world. It is a very abused word in this arena. SocialNetPromo is about integrity. Doing it the right way, the long way, with respect to the search engines, and the Social Media Outlets. We Tweet Brand Logo & contact info. specific only videos, but we also let the viewers know why, and that our efforts are for business promotional purposes. We offer them our services too.

In 2011, it was still taboo, to use the Social Network for business. Everything was supposed to be all about "Social" Etiquette". All of a sudden, businesses started to use the Facebook Timeline, and "Band Pages", to promote their Brands. Then Facebook sold licenses to Israeli APP creators, to allow users to purchase high end business advertising tools for their Facebook pages. Guess which illicit industry is capitalizing the most in that arena? OK?! (Ya better lock your children's accounts down! - No LOL!)    
Philosophy continued...Think about how many videos you have seen on YouTube, all over the Internet. How many have placed their Brand as visible on the facepage of the video, after the effort was made to create the account, the video, upload it, tag it, place the descriptions, titles... so that when it circulates all over the world, the Brand is being promoted. None! OOPS! 
You are not even cleaning out your Email account or computer address book - especially all those old contacts with disabled Email addresses that keep popping up every time you try to send an Email. You haven't befriended or poked your 'friends of friends' on Facebook after you received a "LIKE", you are behind on Tweeting, haven't visited the sites of those following you on Twitter, nor contacted them, had no idea you can Tweet video & images(Really? How do I do that?), haven't updated your BLOG, nor cosmetically coordinated your FB, Twitter, & YouTube pages, You started a Facebook page, but made it a personal page, and now all your business contacts know everything about your personal life, and you don't want to disable it because, you just don't know what to do about that, you finally figured out how to have your own YouTube Channel, but forgot to Brand your videos, you still don't have a "REAL TIME NEWS" page on your Website (which is a paramount essential means of SEO).... OMG! OMG!!!(LOL!) There is simply no way you can run your business in the traditional world, and concurrently effectively manage cyberspace. Take a deep breath...We are here to help you. We know what we are doing and have your best interests as our primary concern. 
We are the best viable option moving forward.                                         Contract us, hire us as consultants, even create a temporary staff position,... just don't assume you can throw it in the lap of your current web developer, consultant or tech person. Their "TO DO LIST" has been piling up rapidly.
Further, if they were sufficiently knowledgable, much less experts in this area, you would not be reading this, and they would have thought of & suggested our strategy already. They cannot do their work, and ours too. Again, we are the ONLY experts in this arena. It is impossible, to throw a team together and create effective inroads . We have the most acquired strategic useful knowledge, essential to success in the Video based SEO arena.

"We champion our video based calling card strategy as paramount, essential, and imperative. This is our primary selling point & difference making service."

How Much Will This Cost?
Your first born, and a few years salary, most of your children's college funds, all your retirement money, and whatever else we can suck out of you. (We had to write this to offer a good laugh, as we are really serious about what we do... but we are also really very funny & very friendly!                                                    We will work with you!

Run for the hills when you hear, "Their fees are reasonable", or "They are cheap." Anyone would want to spend huge amounts of time helping others, with their high level skills for as little money as possible. (Yeah Right?). If someone is willing to work so cheap, you are assured to get crap.There is a reason anyone provides alleged high end services for cheap, especially in this arena, and it is not because they are that good. 

We will work with you and help you with any challenges as to remuneration. We want you to be a happy, satisfied and a prosperous client. Simply acknowledge that you "Get" our strategy, let us know that you desire to get on board, and we will make every reasonable effort to allow you to have the full benefit of our services. We can be very creative as to payments and even bartering, but not at the expense of our business model. 

Think of anything else you have ever done which is important & successful. You can't get through college using cliff notes and copying off of other people's work. It is your business. You established for a reason. The Internet world is changing daily, and is lightyears ahead of you. Let us help!

Integrity - Reliability
If you want to grow your business and promote your Brand, be successful, and make good sound use of your marketing dollars, you simply cannot compete without implementing the SocialNetPromo strategy as your primary marketing endeavor. Rest assured, personal attention is inherent as to our business model. 

Testimonials: LinkedIn

"You Rock" Greg Epstein Enhanced Landscape Management - T.O., CA

"You are a GOD" Pierre Chapat - Pierre's Catering - Westlake Village, CA

"Great Job"  Aaron Nelson : owner Potere Solar - Palm Springs, CA

"SocialNetPromo" Branded my Real Estate services across multiple Social Network platforms, crated videos, provided promotion and triggered views. The results were significant and maintained staying power. They were very easy to work with, and worked fast and diligently. I am very glad I spent the money for this service, as I have established permanent Brand visibility ongoing into the future. My previous SEO consultants, never presented this option to me. Mitch Rheingold, Realtor - Century21 - Adobe Realty, Agoura Hills, CA

"SocialNetPromo created my YouTube Channel and videos, and had me at the top of of the search engines almost immediately... very fast" ...
Raspin Stewart, Boulevard Publishing Santa Monica, CA

"SocialNetPromo created a massive infrastructure as promised, and relentlessly promoted our Brands. Subsequently our various presences have been catapulted to the top of the search engines, in a way that has established permanent visibility. This promotes monetization oppotunity for our Brands, ongoing into the future, far out weighing the expense." ...Tenacious Productions" (multi media) Westlake Village, CA

"SocialNetPromo has been a great asset to my business" Ken Tanaka, Reinvent Music (A&R & Music Promotion, formerly @ A&M records)

Additional Services: Political Campaign Consulting & Promotion, Social Network 
Management, Corporate Consulting, Teaching, WebSite Design & Troubleshooting. Internet Investigative Services.

Contact: Neil Dorval; owner/ architect 805-796-9863  

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